Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dear Daughter

Dear daughter,
I see that you have a deep craving. There is something in you that yearns to be satisfied and fulfillment. You are antsy and restless.
The world certainly provides you with a variety of options to try out. Your choices are many, displayed with flashy advertising and clever campaigns. They all claim that what they have to offer will be the magic "something" you have long searched for. Just take your pick: entertainment, money, social gatherings, dating, looks, the latest car or an exotic vacation… The world has a plethora of possibilities. You can try every one of them if you so desire. You can try out one today and another tomorrow.
But will you ever be truly satisfied?
What this world has to offer you will never fill you up because you are not of this world. You are mine. You are my child. In you I have put a void in which only I can fill. You have cravings that only I can satisfy. This world can and never will be able to meet that need. I placed it in you and I alone can fill it. But do not despair because I am here, present and active. I have given you life and I have given you all you need to live it to the fullest.
I can satisfy your cravings. There is no need for you to ever go hungry. I have more than enough to fill you to the overflowing. I have set before you a feast in which you can freely partake : my Word.
This Word is written and given for your benefit and for your fulfillment. Delight in it. Soak in its presence and let it quench your thirst.
Are you restless, is your heart fidgeting within you? Come to my word and find peace for your soul. Are you adrift? Have you lost your way or stumbled on the path? Open my Word once again and reclaim my truths. Are you downtrodden, feeling stuck in the mire of life? My Word has the story of victory and joy that is yours in Jesus Christ.
You may find yourself at a place in life where nothing seems to be happening. You are hungry for some excitement or thrill. Despite the lights and displays of this world believe me when I tell you that it has nothing to offer you that will do anything but give you a temporary fix. All of the glitter and sparkle will fad and every high will fall flat. The world is temporal.
What I have is everlasting. My Word is eternal, it is a light for your path and true delight for your soul. No matter where you are in life, My Word can provide what you have been desperately seeking. All you need to do is come and sit at the table and feast on what I have prepared for you. My table has been lavishly set with the truth of my love, joy, grace, peace and mercy and I am asking you to join me in partaking of the magnificent spread I have to offer. Only I can give you this true nourishment that will give you lasting contentment for your soul. Come, dear one, and delight in my Word and be truly satisfied.
                                            Father God

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