Friday, August 30, 2013

Your life, run for HIm

I run to know God.
I run to challenge myself.
I run to learn what I am capable of.
I run to feel God uphold me.
I run to sweat.
I run to be built stronger.
I run to find my body's limits and God's limitlessness.

I run to show myself and the world that little can truly be much.
I run to prove that, with God, all things are possible.
I run to meet with God.

Why do you do the things that you do? What drives you to stride forward in action?
Is it God? Is it Christ in you?
Who propels you?
Who inspires your actions? 
Who or what motivates you?

Whatever it is you do for work, pleasure, fun or necessity, do it for the glory of God. Do it to know your King more intimately. Do it to reach the heart of Jesus. Do it to grab hold of the Holy Spirit.
Not even the simplest of actions or the most natural of movements should be wasted. They can be a direct contact with the Lord Jesus Christ. The simple act of running can bring glory to God. Answering phones at a front desk for a business can be done to the glory of God. Sweeping floors...driving a car...feeding a dog...rocking a child...all can bring you closer to God.

Is God behind the wheel of your heart, calling you forward and guiding your steps? Let your life be a constant and continual pouring out to Him. Let all your actions, big and small, be acts of worship to Him.
He has created you for His glory. In all your ways acknowledge him. He will make your path straight. Run to him and run for him with all your heart. Let each step be a sacrifice and every leap an act of worship. He has made you for just such acts of love.

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