Sunday, August 18, 2013

Feeling God's Pleasure

"When I run I feel God's pleasure"
Not everyone sees God in a burning bush. Some people don't connect with God at a worship service. Some people are moved by the words in a particular devotional. Others don't experience even the slightest stirring of the heart from those words.
There is not a one size fits all channel when it comes to connecting with God.
For Eric Lindell in Chariots of Fire, running brought him into an intimate connection with the God he desired to please, know and honor. He felt God with each stride. As he pushed his body forward he was really pushing himself closer to the heart of God. He was experiencing the beauty of being in the presence of God.
I never imagined that, like Eric Lindell, running would be the way in which I would feel most connected to God. Running brings me into an intimate communion with my Lord and Savior.
When I run it is just God and I. My spirit is one of prayer. I cry out to God. He sustains me. I talk to him. He embraces me. I smile up at him, thanking him for his goodness. He fills my body with energy and renewed endurance to keep up the run and the good fight for his Kingdom.
Maybe running isn't what connects you to God. Maybe for you it is music, or cooking, or meditation, or reading...whatever it is for you, don't neglect it. Come to your own personal communion with God. He is there and waiting. He has planted within you a way in which he can connect with you. It is unique to you. It may not be the way your family connects with God. But it is your way. Engage in it. See it as your own personal life line to your life blood. It can be a beautiful experience that is unlike any other. You will come away from that communion renewed, fulfilled and inspired.
Isn't God wonderful? He loves his children with such an unfathomable love that he wants to commune with us and fill us with unimaginable goodness. Won't you let him do that for you?

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