Friday, August 23, 2013

Good morning storm clouds

Go forward trusting in your healing.
This morning in particular that message was as clear as a bell...and boy, did I need to hear it.
Some days I fall into frustration and struggle to break free from it. I let it overwhelm my thoughts and color my view and attitude.
Today I rolled out of bed with the threat of frustration looming overhead like an impending storm just waiting to ruin the beach goers day. The bathing suit clad crew hopes the storm will pass over with fingers crossed and an eye on the Weather Channel.
For me my hope had to come despite a change in circumstances; it had to come even if the sun didn't. I needed strength imparted from on High to handle the storm with grace and patience.
I walked into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and heard God tell me, "trust in your healing." The relief was immediate. My frustration fled. My circumstances didn't. They didn't need to. My heart was changed towards my circumstances.
Thank God that he has never abandoned me. He knows how fundamentally and perpetually weak I am. I need him to keep sustaining me and carrying me because on my own steam I stumble and sometimes fall.
This morning he was once again faithful.
No matter how long it takes to regain total health I will trust in my healing. God is restoring me on his time table, not mine. But that does not mean he is not busy at work making this body new and whole again. He is building it to be better than it ever was. He is rebuilding my life from the inside out.

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