Saturday, July 20, 2013

Your story

Trust me when I tell you that all hope is not lost. It may feel like it, but don't despair. If you are alive and breathing then continue to fight the good fight. The obstacles that present themselves may seem overwhelming. You are probably looking at them right now wondering how you will ever overcome them. But don't let your mind be filled with doubts and questions. Instead, anticipate the great marvel you are about to witness when God overcomes in your life the seemingly impossible.
There is a great road ahead for you. It is going to amaze you, surpassing all your expectations or wildest imaginations. What you are about to experience is far greater than anything you could think up.
Right now you are probably skeptical, wondering whether or not this will all come to pass. The world has shown itself to be unrelenting in its negativity and bad news. It throws up road blocks when you try to reach a goal and knocks you down right when you're about to hit your high. I know that you are struggling to rise up against all the past hurts and frustrations, failures and defeats. You ask aloud, "is it worth trying again?"...."Will the future look any different for me?"...."How will I ever break out of these circumstances, this rut?"....
Each day will present a new opportunity - big or small. It may be simply to run an errand for a friend or maybe to speak in front of an audience full of listeners. The scale and scope of the opportunity isn't important, the getting it done is what is desired of you. Just complete it. Take the next step laid out before you; make the next move. You may not see where all of these baby steps are leading - you aren't meant to see that far ahead. To you it may look like you could never possibly get anywhere moving at such a slow pace, doing such inconsequential tasks. Yet that is the amazing miracle of your journey. The small and seemingly trivial is really moving you leaps and bounds. It is of a great importance in the Kingdom of God. What this world might say is meaningless, or at least easily forgotten, is not overlooked in God's eyes if done in his name, for his glory.
Do not worry that your life is stuck on repeat. When you wake up tomorrow you are not trapped like Bill Murray, replaying Ground Hog day over, and over, and over again. Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunity. It is a fresh page in your book, just waiting for you to fill it with the words of love and humility. Take the pen that God is placing in your palm and write the story he will fill you with. You won't have to come up with the words. The chapters won't be self-imagined. You won't be able to take the credit. But in the end the story will be far more exciting then anything you could have penned yourself. With each page will come a new twist to the story that you didn't see coming. Every chapter will renew your spirit with the truth that there is hope with the rising of each new morning.
God is faithful and he will write you a brilliant story. He is there, waiting to dictate to you the wonders he has in store. Do not despair with worries of the future, concerning yourself with what will come next in your book. Simply trust your author, knowing that he has the plot already planned and it will be a best seller.

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