Sunday, July 21, 2013

Glorious run

With each stride I feel the breath of God seeping into every facet of my being - sustaining my muscles, strengthening my bones and giving energy to my soul. I am small. I look like I might be weak. But God has made me strong. He has given me capabilities that far exceed the realm of reason. How can someone with so little weight and such limited resources gather the strength to run, jump and lift heavy weights? By the power of God alone.
I feel closest to God when I am challenging what reason would stand to deem as dangerous or impossible. Doctors have told me not to exert myself. Don't lift anything heavy. Don't run. Don't do exercises that twist and bend. Don't walk up hills or too many stairs. The medical world wants to put restrictions on what is possible for me. They want to tell me I can't. They don't have answers, all they have are limitations.
God is not a god of "can'ts." He is the God of "can." His power is manifested in those who embrace his call to rise above what man thinks is possible to live in the light of what is only possible with God. He is able to do exceedingly more than our frail human bodies can manage. He is limitless in power and strength. What he can do is not limited by weight or physical factors. Those things are all so trivial in the light of his power. He overcomes them all.
When I run I feel his power. I call on his name to give me each next step and stride. I rely on him to carry me when it feels like my legs might not be up for the task. He always provides. He gives me the energy that my little body can't manage on its own. The life sustaining power he bestows on me is far greater than anything I could attain at any weight. It is mighty and powerful, filled with his spirit of mercy and grace.
I feel who God is when he sustains my body. There is no other situation or circumstance that has drawn me closer to the heart of God than to need him to carry my physical being. He can carry me emotionally and he has. I have seen his power in forgiving my sins and putting my spirit at rest. He has reached into my soul and changed my heart. Despite feeling so close to him through those journeys, I feel most connected to him when he is my physical sustainer.
Today, he carried my body along the paths on the Peninsula, showing his goodness once again in the form of a run that just months ago was not even on my mind as a consideration. The movements were not always easy but they still felt effortless. The energy wasn't coming from me. The effort wasn't found in my bones, it was given to me from above. God ran through me. He kept my legs moving and my soul yearning for the next stride forward.
There is nothing in this world that compares to being carried by God. When he lifts me up I am able to do greater and more wonderful things then I could ever imagine. He shows his power in my weakness. This body is his vehicle for displaying what he is able to do. When I reach my limits he gives me a glimpse into his limitlessness.
Today it was a run, tomorrow it may be simply waking up. But each day he proves that he is strong and mighty to save and keep me. Every breath I take is not because of anything I have done or can do. Anything I ever accomplish will not be because I have been wise, strong or smart enough. No, all I am and any good that becomes of me in the future is by the grace and power of God. He is living in and through me to make me to run at new speeds and reach unimaginable new heights all for his glory, all in his name.

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