Thursday, July 20, 2017

Look up...what do you see?

I look up and what do I see? 
God's promises surrounding me. 

I look to the leaves on the trees and in their gentle swaying my eye perceives a promise of peace.
I turn my gaze to the birds of the air and see God's glorious promise of protection and provision.

Everywhere I look God's promises are there. 
I see them written on street signs and stacked on store shelves, typed on billboards and delivered in the mail.
They pop up in places I would never expect to see them and reside in spaces I never thought to look.

Dear Friend, look around with me. What is it you see?
Check every nook and don't miss a single cranny. 
Look to the sky and glance to the ground. 
Do you see that all around you are promises of God's everlasting goodness? 
Do you see His everlasting covenant of eternal salvation and endless grace?

Whenever you look, wherever you look, look for God's promises because they are there.
They are everywhere. 

May we never stop looking for them.

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