Saturday, July 15, 2017

Humpty Dumpty (Pippy Love Version)

Humpty Dumpty isn't the only one who has had a great fall. 
I've had plenty of falls without sitting on walls. 
I've fallen on my pride and fallen on my sin. 
I've fallen down in depression and fallen hard in despair. 
I've fallen apart from sadness and difficulty. 
I've fallen into doubt and hopeless defeat. 
I've fallen away from God... away from trusting Him....away from resting in Him...
away from peace in His everlasting and mighty arms. 
But without the help of horses or the might of men, 
the Lord my God always puts me back together again. 
From the brokenness of my sin to the cracks in my soul, 
God knits me back together always better than before. 
It is all my King's power and all my King's love that faithfully, 
graciously and tenderly always puts me back together again.

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