Monday, May 8, 2017

Life as I've never known it

When life as you know it backs out of your driveway and goes speeding off into the distance, don't linger too long waving goodbye. Make your farewell short and sweet. Don't watch the dust settle on the the tire tracks. Don't squint to catch the last glimpse of your dreams fade out of view. Let life go its own way as you go yours.
When life as you know it flies off into the sky like a balloon freed from its string don't try to jump and catch it. Don't waste a moment chiding yourself for loosening your grip and letting the wind take your beloved balloon away. Simply look to the sky and wave so-long to the life that was tying you down.

When life as you know it burns out like a light bulb gone dead don't just sit there in the dark. If the outlet is still good and the lamp of life still vital, then simply change the bulb. Replace what is broken and restore the light.

Life is every changing. 
Life is an exciting adventure. 
Life will not always be life as we've known it. 
But life is always good because God is always great.

So next time God gives you life as you've never known it don't fear or fret. When life delivers the unexpected simply empty your hands and heart. Let go of the past. Embrace the change and enjoy the journey as you venture into God's good and glorious future.

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