Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A letter to a Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter,

I know today you feel hopeless. Illness has hit you like a category five hurricane. This seven year long sickness storm has taken its toll. How could it not?

For years you have held on for dear life as this hurricane named Illness has repeatedly battered against your shores. Its winds and waves have beaten you so hard you are unrecognizable. Your life is nothing like it was before this storm hit. Not even the tenor of your voice has remained the same. With each crashing wave you've lost another part of you. A wave took your weight. A wave took the functioning of your strong heart beat. A wave washed away the strength in your muscles and the thickness in your hair. One wave took your stamina. Another wave took your stability. The physical pain has been crushing but the spiritual agony has been torture.
As each wave has crashed you've been dragged further and further away from the shore of who you once were. With desperation you have tried to hang on to any reachable remnant of "you" the way you were before the storm hit. You've tried to hang onto your passions and fought to keep up your strength but, wave by wave, you've lost your grip. Today you are further out to sea than you have ever been before and there is not even a tree limb in sight to grab hold of.
Dear Daughter, I am here to tell you that it is okay to let go. You have done well. You've held on tightly. You haven't lost your faith and you've maintained your hope. You haven't given up but I want to tell you that it is okay if you do. If the sea looks vast and there is nothing to hold onto, don't panic. If you cannot muster the strength to reach a piece of the old you floating past you in the water, just rest and let it sail away.
Today I give you permission to give up your trying. You have tried long enough and fought hard enough yet the waves keep coming and the hurricane won't let up. Child, today is the day to stop kicking your legs against waters you can't beat. Cease your striving to hold on in the midst of this storm.
It is time to let go.
Let go of your worry that you'll float away. Release your need for strength. Free yourself from scanning the waters in search of stillness off in the distance. Simply rest in the waves and let the hurricane have its way.
You need not be worry about the force of the waves. Just hold your breath and let the waters overtake you. You need not fear the speed of the winds. Just relax and let yourself go where they push you. And dear Daughter, you need not be concerned about when the storm will end. Just know that someday it will. Because it will. I promise you that.

Today is the day to let go and let me get you back to my shore - the shore of who you're meant to be. You're not going back to the shore of who you once were. You're on your way to a life far better than the one the hurricane left behind. I'm taking you there. By these winds I am pushing you there. The waves you're fighting against are carrying you there.

So, please, Dear Daughter, just let go.

Forever and always,
Your Father God

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