Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Can you hear me now?

"Hello?"... "Hello?"... "Can you hear me?"... "Yes I can kind of..." "Are you still there?"... "Hello?"
The voice on the other end of my phone went in an out between fits of fuzzy static. I made the ear equivalent to eye squinting as I did my best to make out my mystery caller's garbled words. In that brief, thirty-second call I felt strangely connected to Verizon's turned Sprint's "Can You Hear Me Now" Guy. At the same time I felt distinctly disconnected from the real person on the other end of the line.
To match my Verizon commercial scenario I moved around the room with a hurried aimlessness in search of a clearer signal. Finally I landed on a special foot of space that produced a clear line of communication. "Yes, I can hear you now. Can you you hear me?....Okay, great!"
Without the crackle and static I could hear my caller loud and clear. It was my doctor's office just issuing a routine appointment confirmation call. I confirmed and hung up the phone.
You may be thinking that this exchange sounds quite ordinary and you'd be right. Phone calls are prone to static and being dropped altogether. Cell phone signals are finicky business. Two inches to the right or the left can send a strong five bars down to a measly one.
It is humorous how hard we cell phone junkies try to establish a clearer signal. Many a call have been saved by simply standing on a bench or a chair or a table in the middle of a room just to achieve a stronger connection. I've been known to run around in search of an invisible signal sweet spot with a cell phone plastered to my ear, displaying the same frantic energy as a puppy in search of the source of a mysteriously tantalizing scent. We technologically advanced humans are so accustomed to being in constant contact with our fellow man that it drives us downright batty when our lines of communication break down or crackle for even a moment.
Can you imagine if we all became as accustomed to and dependent on hearing God's call with the same clarity as we do our cell phone calls? What if we all worked with as much energy and passion to hear God speak as we do the voice on the other end of our wireless connection? The world would look drastically different. My life and yours would look dramatically, miraculously different.
The strength of a 4G connection complete with the lastest in mobile phone technology can't match in importance or  power the connection between God and His callers. A strong signal with God that is clear and bright has the power to save and transform. Callers who seek God's voice and won't rest until they have a clear connection are blessed with inner peace, joy and enduring faith. The messages received through the connection with God are eternal and they never change. There is never a routine call with God because each is a beautiful opportunity to hear the voice and receive the love of our Father who longs to speak to us words of truth and life.
The connection that produces strong signals with God is a connection that is established in the human heart. The only fuzz and crackle that can get in the way of hearing God's voice loud and clear comes from a heart that isn't seeking out that "sweet spot" for the Holy Spirit's signal. It isn't a broken phone or a weak line that is causing the disconnect and the muffled messages. Inferior connections are never on God's end. He never drops a call and His signal service knows no limits on bars. The connection dilemma is always on our end.
The good news is that our connection with God can always be made clear. All we have to do is look for it with the same intensity we search for a stronger signal for our cell phone. To the world we'll look sillier than a frantic phone caller shouting, "Hello?" over and over again but don't let that dissuade you. Seek first a strong and clear connection with God. Run around the room seeking out His face. Upgrade your time spent silently in His presence. Carve out a communion with Him that can't be counted in bars and fiber-optics.
When you and I hold tight to the connection we have with the Lord He meets us on the other end of line. No fuzz. No crackling. When God is on the other end we'll have the joy of saying, "Yes, I hear you now!"

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