Sunday, July 10, 2016

The most skilled s'more maker

Today we will study the art of crafting a perfect s'more. The two steps and three ingredients that culminate in a ooey-goey s'more seem simple enough, but to make the perfect s'more is no easy task. It requires dedication, patience and a high threshold for heat. And practice. S'more making involves lots and lots of practice.
A s'more consists of three parts. The chocolate, the graham cracker and the marshmallow. Individually, each element of the s'more is unassuming. A plain chocolate bar is rarely the tantalizing sweet dream on the tastebuds of a child. The graham cracker begs to be accompanied and the marshmallow's one-note sugar flavor leaves more to be desired.
This is where heat comes in handy to transform the humble marshmallow. This is where s'more making skills are tried and tested. The s'more crafter must take the marshmallow and skewer it on a long stick, rod or metal poking device. Then the roasting begins. There are two schools of roasting marshmallow thought. School one takes the quick route, burns the marshmallow to a crisp, blows out the flames and considers the charred mess of goo complete. This is not the route of a skilled s'more maker.
The skilled s'more maker takes a second approach, one that takes longer and produces much sweeter results. The master s'more maker scopes out his or her place at the fire where the flames aren't so high that they will scorch the marshmallow yet hot enough to brown its edges. By rotating, shifting positions and moving around the fire's edge, the s'more maker can create a beautiful golden hue evenly enrobing the marshmallow without ever catching it on fire, dropping it in ash or creating a charred exterior. In the twirling and twisting process the marshmallow is slowly brought to a crisp golden-brown, warmed all the way through to the gooey center.
It gets hot standing there at the fire for so long with a stick and a browning marshmallow. Sometimes the wind blows in such a way that the smoke blows right in the master s'more crafter's diligent face. Sweat often forms on the brow and hands have even been known to suffer slight burns. The process of perfect marshmallow roasting is not for the faint of heart.
But when the marshmallow reaches that sunset-gold with a slight crisp at the edges, the master pulls the stick from the fire with a renewed sense of satisfaction. The perfect s'more is only a simple step away.
That flawless golden brown marshmallow is pulled off the skewer to meet the cold, hard chocolate and the unexciting graham cracker. The result is summer-dessert perfection. The sugar caramelizes and sweetens without a hint of bitterness or burnt, smokey flavor. The simple graham cracker comes alive under the goo of the marshmallow's toasty center. The chocolate melts and coats every bite. The taste buds are sent on an adventure of crunchy, ooey, gooey goodness.
With a little time and heat tolerance a simple white ball of fluff is transformed into the catalyst for the quintessential summer treat. Thanks to the simple marshmallow and the patience of the roaster the perfectly toasted marshmallow can become the making for the most perfect of s'mores.

The making of s'mores over the campfire is the s'more crafting nearly every American knows and loves. Who among us hasn't tried our hand at making the world's most perfect s'more and who among us hasn't lost patience and burned the marshmallow in the process? But campfire s'mores are just one type of s'more. God has His own kind of s'more and it is made it all seasons. God roasts hearts and minds to add to the vessels of flesh and bone to create the most glorious creations: children serving and working for the glory of God.
God's s'more perfection process begins at the campfire with a few humble ingredients and a hot flame. God takes the sinful heart, foolish mind and human flesh together and sets out to create something gloriously sweet. He skewers the heart and mind and sticks it in the fire. To roast to a golden perfection God doesn't let the heart burn up or the mind become overwhelmed in flames. He gets them hot without scorching. He brings heat without ash and warmth without destruction.
But the process takes time. He twists and rotates His "marshmallow" to create the perfect golden brown. He works on the mind to bring about wisdom. He maneuvers the heart to soften its hardness, bring love to its cold places and warm it all the way through. His work requires patience but thankfully God has a high heat tolerance and so do His marshmallows.
Once roasted to perfection, the heart and mind resemble that of Christ. The exterior shines with grace and mercy. The unexciting heart that brought no glory to God now gleams with the goodness of His character. The handiwork of God is on every gooey surface.
It is only once the heart and mind have been toasted to a Christ-like perfection that the s'more, the life on the frontlines for God's glory, can be completed. God pairs the heart and mind with the human flesh and bone. The chocolate and graham cracker of our physical being is brought to life by the goodness of the transformed heart and mind. Apart from the work of God in the fire the body is less than pleasing. It can accomplish nothing for eternity. It is here today but could be gone tomorrow. But when the marshmallow is complete, the heart and mind are roasted and toasted, they meet with a body ready to be set on fire for the Lord. The heart is the catalyst for the body to bring Christ's sweet love to the world.
God makes the perfect s'mores. He'll stand at the fire as long as it takes to make the heart and mind perfect for His glory, ready to transform the flesh and bone into vessels at work for His eternal Kingdom. It all starts with a surrendered heart willing to be skewered and toasted under the heat of trial and the flames of adversity. Once the wayward, rebellious, human heart is entrusted to the Master S'more Maker a work of transformation can be roasted to perfection.
I've given my heart to God and asked Him to make me the perfect s'more. I know that in His time, with heat and rotating on the fire of His design, He is reshaping my heart and mind to embody the spirit and soul of Christ. When I'm completed I know what I will be. The perfect vessel for the ultimate treat - a life aflame for the glory and honor of my S'more Maker, the Lord God.


  1. You have completely revamped my view of any s'more I might encounter.

    1. Who knew a sugary treat could provide spiritual truth? God is such a good teacher, don't you think?