Friday, July 15, 2016

Be still

Each afternoon I sit down behind my computer screen, open up this blog to a blank post and ready my hands above the keys. Some days my fingers don't linger long before they are off and running down thought trails traversed by God's leading and guiding. Other days I hit keys only to delete them, scrambling for a thought or a word. Some days I stumble upon it. Some days I don't. And some days God tells me not to search for words at all. Some days God just wants me to be still.
Today is one of those days. My hands are on the keys, ready to type, but God doesn't have a story to tell. I've come to the trail to meet God and follow Him where He goes but He isn't going. Not today. He is resting on a log and is encouraging me to join Him.
Today God's only message is to be still. Be still and know that He is God. That one simple truth is a blessed invitation to stop running, striving and seeking - even seeking that which is good and righteous. God is the God of seeking and knocking but He is also the God of resting. He is the God of stillness and peace.
I want to hear from God today. Every child who relies on the guidance and direction of the Heavenly Father longs to hear His voice and walk in its direction. But today God isn't going anywhere. He has taken me down paths that have lead to the riches of His mercy and the lessons of obedience. Today He wants me to just fixate on the most fundamental, most life-sustaining truths man can ever know: that God is just who He says He is.
To know who God is is to enter into an everyday sanctuary of peace and security. There is undefinable rest and stillness in knowing that God is the Almighty Lord who sits on the throne and whose power cannot be overthrown and will cannot be thwarted.
Apart from knowing that God is the great I Am there is no real, true earthly stillness. Life is, apart from God, a chasing after an illusive wind. Life without the foundation of God's peace is a constant seeking for security, purpose and fulfillment. But in the presence of God, all striving ceases. Stillness enters in and calm is restored.
In the word of God there are thousands of verses about trials, love, wisdom and sacrifice. The lessons that fill the Good Book are so great in number a man could study his whole life and never stop learning. God has set appointments with each of us designed to teach us His lessons and truths. But  some days, like today, all He wants us to do is be still in His presence and know that He alone is God. And He is enough.

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