Saturday, June 25, 2016

Unlocked and Inviting

The front door to my house is always unlocked. My family takes the "open door policy" quite literally. We don't even own a key to that front door. Maybe I should be keeping that piece of information a bit more guarded. I can only hope a home burglar isn't reading this post and aware of my address. At least if my home is robbed no doors will be beaten down or windows broken to gain entry. The burglar can walk right in. No destruction necessary. This isn't an advertisement for a thief to take advantage of an unsecured residence, just a heads up that if they should so choose our home to rob they can save themselves the hulk-like entrance and just turn the knob.
I've always assumed that the lack of security guarding my family's home is an anomaly. Most people have a key to their front door and I assume most people use that key and its corresponding lock to protect their home from unwanted intruders. I rationalize my family's lack of locks by defending the theory that if a burglar wants in badly enough they will, one way or another, find a way in. That is why I suppose security-savvy individuals invest in alarm systems. If the lock doesn't work the siren can alert authorities before the thief gets away with too much loot. I have another theory about  security system protected homes that assumes the people who live there must have a super fancy TV complete with surround sound or have a stash of gold. Or possibly both TV and gold. Maybe even a TV encrusted with gold at the front of a theater style media room complete with lush leather recliners and state-of-the-art 4K Ultra HD. Whatever that means.
To me a well-guarded house is practically an invitation to break in. It is a challenge. Go ahead, just try to get beyond my obnoxious alarm system and booby trapped windows. We'll see how badly you want my possessions after your ears are assaulted by a deafening air horn playing on repeat. 
I prefer to let the burglars have their way. If you want in, just walk in. Some may call it silly, naive or negligent. But I like to call it Biblical. After all, God doesn't use locks, security systems and noisy alarms to keep people away from what He has that is desirable and good. He does just the opposite. God lets people in right off the streets to come and partake of every beautiful, beneficial blessing He has to offer. He does away with locks and throws away keys. God swings the door to His goodness wide open.
In my heart I know that God is a welcoming God who offers me a place in His theater room complete with the comfiest chair and a bag of freshly popped corn, yet I often behave as if I have to sneak in. I tiptoe around to the windows to try to get at what I believe is God's best. I try prying away at the trap door to shimmy down into the cellar. All the while the front door is open leading to the beautifully decorated and most well-appointed places in God's home. I don't need to dirty myself by climbing through a bush and shrubs to sneak in the back way. God is welcoming me in through the foyer, through the grand entrance, right through the unlocked front door.
Dwelling in the goodness of God's presence is as simple as making the decision to walk through a door. It doesn't take special access or the deceptive skills of a Catch Me if You Can inspired criminal. All it requires is the chutzpah to walk directly up the to the front door and turn the knob.
The only obstacle standing in the way of entering God's safe house is a lack of humility and surrender. Once pride and self-reliance are set aside entering into God's home is as simple as recognizing our desperate need for what He has offer on the other side of His door's threshold. He has peace, rest and contentment available for the taking if only the desiring human heart will stop trying to break in through the window and humbly enter in through the front door.
God hasn't put a lock on His blessings and there isn't a single square foot of His residence off limits. We can come to Him and dwell in His presence the right way - by way of the unlocked doorway. The unlocked door is God's invitation to come and take our heart's residency in the comfort of His presence and His open and inviting home sweet home.

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