Monday, June 20, 2016

To my prayer warriors...

Dear Prayer Warrior,
For six long years you have stood by me and for me in my fight for health. Before I could see the devastating effects of malabsorption take hold of my body you noticed the changes in my appearance. When invisible symptoms have caused me pain you have sensed the change in my demeanor. At every turn you have kept thoughts of me close and prayers for me frequent. When I haven't had the strength to pray for my own healing, you have taken up the torch and petitioned on my behalf. On days when I have struggled to find words to express my frustration and feelings you have met my silence with supportive hugs and endless understanding.
Even with all of the thousands of languages in the world there simply are not enough words or deep enough sentiments available to express my gratitude for your steadfast presence in my life. Whether I am physically near or far, you, my prayer warrior are always with me in spirit. You have prayed for peace, strength and endurance on my behalf and God has heard your pleas. The fruits of your intercession are at work in my life and my heart. I have been woken up at night with the pressure of praying hearts pressing into me. I know those prayers are being poured our from your lips straight to the ear of God. And He hears them and answers them. He has stepped in to calm my anxious spirit in the face of uncertainty. When my will to press on has worn out your prayers have lifted me up on the wings of eagles to reach the mighty hand of God who restores to me the perseverance to face another day and fight another battle.
Dear Prayer Warrior, I will never be able to say thank you enough for taking up my cause and never abandoning it. Thank you for entering into this war being waged for my health. Thank you for never sitting out a single battle even when I am too weary to assist in the fight. And thank you for faithfully believing that victory is ours.
You have never lost hope, lost faith or lost patience in prayer. You have never forgotten my cause. Even when I want to call it quits and wave my white flag, your dedication won't allow me to surrender. I think of you, your love and your care for me and I know I can't give up just yet.
You, my Prayer Warrior, standing shoulder to shoulder with me in battle, remind me that God has a plan for this fight. We are showing up and suiting up because God has a story of His greatness that He is writing with every battle. One day the record will show that this army of ours stood on God's promises and trusted in God's plan when defeat appeared inevitable. Our enemy, fierce as it has been and will continue to be, will be shown to be no match for our great God.
So, my fellow warrior, I will continue to fight alongside of you because I know that we are fighting for the ultimate prize. I know that we have won this battle, this war and the eternal crown of glory. With every prayer we strike the enemy on His head. With every hallelujah and praise we push back our foe and advance in the direction of God's purpose and plan. I know that the way ahead will have more struggles and conflicts but I know who goes beside me. My great army of Prayer Warriors will be right next to me in the Lord's armor, fighting the Lord's fight for His glory and His great Kingdom come.
I am humbled to be in your prayer care and I am honored to be counted among your precious cavalry. Together we are pressing on toward a goal greater than my health. We are pressing on to take hold of that which God has called us knowing that victory is already won. So together we will continue to fight till the very end because we are fighting for the resurrection from the dead, new life in Christ and eternal glory in the presence of our Mighty Warrior King.

Philippians 3:12

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  1. He is taking you deeper and deeper into Himself.