Wednesday, November 19, 2014

All Hope

What I am about to write is as much (okay, it's more) for me than for anyone else. Maybe, hopefully, some lonely and frustrated soul will stumble upon this post in their time of need and find comfort in what I have to say. That is my prayer for all of these posts but this one in particular. So here it goes...

Dear Reader, do not put your hope in people. They will fail you and let you down. Putting our hope in people is a sure-fire way to be disappointed. If, on the other hand, disappointment and let down is what you seek then by all means, put your hope in the human race.
As for me I don't want to be rejected, let down and disappointed any longer. I've spent years alone - literally years. Not a single date and very few "friend" outings to speak of. I can count them on one hand and that isn't an exaggeration. It is the sad truth of it. The loneliness I have felt and continue to struggle with has taken its toll.
Even in the face of my despondency I've continued to have hope that I would someday find friends and maybe even a significant other but as of late that hope has been dashed. I have thrown in the towel on ever having a life that includes interpersonal relationships and meaningful human interactions. I have hoped long enough. Now it is time to abandon that hope and move forward.
If you are feeling weighed down by crushing rejection and disappointments then the only advice I can give you is to put your hope in something else, someone else. Because human beings just won't cut it.
So I'm taking the hope that I've held out for God to bless my life with companionship and I'm shifting that hope to simply a hope in meeting Christ. That is the only thing I know for sure I am safe to hope for without the danger of being letdown. The only one thing in this world that I know without a shadow of a doubt is that God is real and His Son is real and the Holy Spirit is real. Every word written about God in the Bible is real and true. Jesus came to this earth to save me and He is coming again. Until then He has left the Holy Spirit as my companion. I know all of this to be unshakable, unchangeable truth.
I can put my hope in God and know that it is safe there. I will never face rejection from God. He isn't going to make a promise He can't keep. He isn't going to suddenly abandon our relationship. Sometimes He might be quieter than others but He is still there. After all, no one talks all of the time!

There is no point in putting my hope in anyone or anything apart from God and God alone - not what God can do for me or what blessings God could bestow on me. That hope is faulty, too. The only hope that is secure and unshakable is the hope that rests on the person and character of God.
It is that simple. Put your hope in God and meeting Him face to face. You don't have to wait for Heaven to meet Him. You can do it in your closet or driving in your car. Putting your hope in God is the only way to ensure that your hope won't ever be crushed. You can bet the farm on God. You can rest assured in putting every ounce of hope in Him. He'll never let you down. The one and only God never fails those who put their hope and trust in Him.

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