Saturday, April 26, 2014

Walking together

She wore a crimson red sweater, white ankle length pants and a perfectly white pair of Keds. To complete her look was a head of white, wavy hair that looked like she had just stepped out of the hair salon for her weekly set and style. She was the classic throwback to a better era when women decked themselves out in classy attire for every occasion, even a simple walk along the bay. Her look was nautical, timeless and oh-so sophisticated.
But what really stood out to me about this women was not her outfit or her perfect posture or her walk which gave her the other-worldly appearance of floating on air. No, what struck me most was who was next to her.
Attached to her arm was a man. He too had a head of white hair, freshly pressed khaki pants and a handsome sweater. The two walked along the path next to the bay at a comfortable pace, linked arm in arm, taking one step in perfect synchronized timing with each other.
Their walk was beautiful. One did not outpace the other. Their steps never looked labored or awkward. They were in perfect time with one another.
As I came up behind these companions I couldn't help but smile. How precious was their journey along the bay! Who knew that something so simple, just an afternoon stroll, could be such a glorious picture?
I don't know the names of that adorable couple, how long they've been married (assuming they are married) or how often they take their afternoon walks together. But I can't help but think that their love has been one spanning years, decades, perhaps even half a century. I can't help but think that they didn't always walk so perfectly in step together but that this ease has grown with time. I can't help but believe that their journey has become more beautiful with time,  just like a fine wine. It just keeps getting better with age.

In my journey through life I have yet to embark on an arm-in-arm walk with a companion. As I walk along the bay I do so alone. My arm is not linked to a faithful walking buddy and my pace is not influenced by a partner. Not yet, at least. But someday I hope and trust that will change. Someday I too would like to walk with my arm linked to my life partner, my husband.
 But until that day arrives,  I do not walk alone.  I am linked to a companion whom I long to follow in perfect step; my Savior. I am walking with God. His arm is around me and I am clinging tightly to Him. He sets my pace and guides my path. He chooses where we will explore on our walks and when we will take a rest.   He is walking me towards an earthly companion who will join us on the journey, so that as I am linked to Christ's left arm my husband will be linked to His right. We will walk arm-in-arm together along the path of God's design.

Like that adorable couple walking along the path by the bay, the journey and walk with God only gets better with time. My steps are more closely aligned with His with each stride forward. I become more comfortable with His pace as time passes. The rhythm He has set is becoming more my own with each new day spent walking with Him.
As I walk with God the peace of His presence becomes increasingly more real, more tangible and more overwhelming. When I "walk by faith and not by sight" I find that my walk has an ease that isn't found by walking alone. He is guiding me, protecting me, sustaining me and leading me in His path.

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