Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Heavenly Harmony

I think it is safe to say that everyone is looking for harmony. Just look around, doesn't it seem that everyone is looking for the balance and peace that harmony brings? Who doesn't enjoy smooth sailing and pleasant skies? Doesn't everyone appreciate suitable circumstances and ease of living? This, my friends, is harmony and I don't know a soul on earth who doesn't want a bit more of it in their life. Just look at We all want a little more harmony in our lives.
So, if we all want harmony so badly why does it seem to be so elusive? Harmony can be a challenge to obtain. Disharmony is found in political life, family life, work life, marital life... you name it and I'm sure disharmony can be found. There is no human relationship on earth that is free from disharmony. Yet, we are all yearning and striving to beat the odds and live in perfect harmony.
Good luck, right? Perfect harmony is as hard to come by as the perfect pair of jeans. You may find one pair of perfect jeans in your whole life but at some point those jeans will wear out, get lost or have a run in with a nasty beverage that leaves a ghastly stain. Even the perfect pair of jeans doesn't last forever.
Likewise, the relationship or circumstance in life that appears to be perfectly harmonious will not last. Reality will come busting in with unwelcome force and knock your harmony right out of the ballpark. Hello strife. Hello arguments. Hello tension and disagreement. Hello disharmony.
The life long pursuit of harmony, seen from this brutally honest viewpoint, can be depressing. The unattainable nature of this longing of the human heart can put a damper on the joyful spirit of the harmony seeker. So, why even try? Why continue to search for harmony and try to produce harmony in your life if it is never to be achieved?
Because, ultimately, the harmony we are striving for is not earthly harmony, but heavenly harmony.
On this earth we are in an inescapable predicament thanks to that nasty little human condition called sin. No matter where we go, who we know or who we avoid knowing, our lives are going to be surrounded by sin. Sometimes it will be our own sin and sometimes it will be the sin of others. Sin is unavoidable. Therefore, perfect harmony cannot be attained in a world marked by imperfection.
Yet, you and I, those that are living in light of the Kingdom of God, aren't caught up in the disharmony of this world and its lack of perfection. We are living for the perfect harmony of Heaven. Our home is there, our heart is there and our harmony is there, too. We can live in peace and balance because we have the harmony of eternity with Christ. We don't need the false, temporary, fleeting harmony of this world that is here today and gone in a moment. We have a harmonious Heaven to look forward to that cannot be shaken. There, in the presence of the Almighty God, sin, dysfunction, arguments and fighting are no more. The evil of this world that prohibits lifelong harmony is no longer a factor in Heaven. Perfection reigns. Harmony is achieved and sustained.
Knowing that you and I have the perfection of Heaven ahead and eternal harmony to look forward to, we can live with overflowing love and unity found only in Christ. This earth and its evils are temporal but Jesus and His Kingdom are eternal, forever, never-ending. It is because of Christ that you and I can heed the words of Romans 15:5, "May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus..." We can live in harmony here on earth because we have the promise of eternity in perfect harmony with our Savior. So, keep up your endurance and don't lose heart, because you are a citizen of Heaven where perfect harmony reigns victorious and it never ends.

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