Sunday, April 13, 2014

Make me clean...

All it took was a word, a touch, a thought… and lives were changed, bodies healed, hearts were turned. All it took was Jesus.

"Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean." were the words of a man covered with leprosy in Luke 5:12. A man ugly, disfigured, and ill, yet hopeful that with one touch from the Son of God his whole body could be made new. If only Jesus would be willing to do such a miraculous work on that man's ailing body.
Jesus didn't disappoint. He was willing. He reached out His hand, touched the man and made him clean. That was all it took. The leprosy was gone. The man was cleansed. The disease that had ravaged his body for so long was suddenly nothing but a memory. Jesus had all the power in the simple act of His touch to purify that man's body and He willingly displayed that power.

Such miracles are more than my mind can comprehend. I can't even imagine the excitement and pure joy that man experienced in that moment. There are no words that could ever contain the overwhelming marvel of such a miracle. To be shunned from society, an outcast because of your physical condition, and then in an instant, with the gentle touch of the perfect Son of God, your whole being is restored to a clean and pure state. All of your illness is gone. Every symptom and ailment disappears. Can your mind grasp that moment in time? My whole being overflows with boundless joy when I picture the look on his face when he surveyed his body and realized that it was completely, totally, wholly healed.

Jesus' power to heal is still alive and well. If He is willing, He can heal the broken bodies that are suffering on this earth today. All it takes is a touch. One single, gentle, divine touch from the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Jesus Christ has the power to cleanse and purify in His very hands.

Oh Jesus how I long for your healing touch. I know that if you are willing, you can make me clean. I believe in your power to heal and make new. In an instant, with a thought or word or stroke of your hand, you can infuse health into my body. There is nothing too big for you, no illness too daunting or sickness too severe. You know the intricacies of them all and you, the great Physician, have the power to heal them all in the blink of an eye.

My precious Savior, I trust in the power of your hand. I trust in your power to heal. By the breath on your lips you are transforming my body. By the touch of your hand you are restoring me from the inside out. Thank you for gift of miraculous healing. Thank you for showing that power to be mighty and willing in the story of the leper. Jesus, you have shown that you love me and all of your children and that you long to touch us with your hand of restoration to bring health to our bones and healing to our souls. You ask for my faith in your power and I put my faith entirely and completely in you. I know that you are able. I know that you are willing.
Thank you for healing me, dear Jesus. Thank you for being willing. Thank you for your touch. Thank you for making me clean.

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