Thursday, March 27, 2014

Breath of God

My dear Child,

I sustain you….
I uphold you….
I protect you….
I invigorate you….
I make your paths straight….
I save you from your enemies….
I lift your spirit….
I give you peace….
I restore your body….
I repair your brokenness….
I carry you….
I comfort you…
I defend you….
I am your energizer...your strength…your lifeblood….

Beloved, apart from Me you can do nothing. All of your efforts will be as worthless as chasing the wind. You will run and run, growing faint and weak, never to obtain your desire. 
With Me you will never run a step in vain. You will sprint with great force yet your breath will not fail you. You will run up mountains and through storms and still your feet will remain steady and strong because no matter the obstacles or conditions, I will be your life-force.
When you run under the shadow of my wings you run on the power of my mighty strength. I will oversee your every stride. Before you reach the finish line, I will declare your victory because I have already won the race. I have traveled the same path, overcome the same challenges and risen above them all. When you run on my power you run with my great triumph in your feet. When you call on the breath of God you run with limitless endurance and stamina. 
Let me be your sustainer and your strong tower and you will not be overtaken. You will be justified. You will be victorious through the power of my grace, love and mercy.
Call on me to be your Lifeblood. Call on My breath to invigorate you to your very core. With Me you can do all things. With Me you will win the race with a lightness in your step and a joy in your heart. Just call on the breath of God. 

Almighty God

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