Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer at its best

Yesterday the temperature soared and the humidity made ridiculous amounts of sweat inevitable. Good thing humans are washable. Despite that heat I couldn't help but break out my bike and head to the peninsula. With each day I am regaining more of my health, and my desire to get out there and enjoy it is too much to contain!

But first Pippy and I hit the open road with the convertible top down, breeze blowing our hair/fur. Pip had a salon date. Her unruly hair (and nails) were in desperate need of some TLC.

As you can see, girls just want to have fun.

The haircut was a success. She's ready to handle the heat in style!

After dropping off the Pipster I replaced her with my bicycle. I drive a VW Beetle and don't own a bike rack. Need I say more? Let's just say I had to get creative. 

The Peninsula was beautiful.

My day was a reminder to "bloom where you're planted." As I drove with Pippy I saw it in her face. She was loving life as it was in that very moment. The wind was blowing her to bits; her ears were in her eyes, looking more like bangs and less like hearing appendages. But none of that bothered her. If she could, I'm pretty sure she would have been whooping and hollering like a kid on a roller coaster. Can you imagine that? Youtube probably already has a video of it.
At the beach I had a second reminder when I surveyed the glorious creation around me. I don't need to travel to some exotic location or be a world traveler. If I never make it to Europe the sky won't come crashing down around me. I have been given the gift of a beautiful world, right here and right now. And so have you because you were born into a magnificent creation hand crafted by God himself.
Go outside and enjoy it!

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