Monday, July 16, 2012

My Good Father

I never ceased to be amazed by God's divine plan and ultimate goodness. Despite not always understanding his ways, I get to be blessed by them. Even though my faith is that of a mustard seed, it moves mountains. Isn't God fabulous? He is so almighty and powerful yet he takes care of mere humans that are prone to wander and inherently weak.
This morning as I read my devotional and dove into Matthew 7, I was touched by the way God has taken care of me and brought me through my time of struggle and trial. Although I am still on the journey of recovery the battle is already won. For months the fight raged on. My body was living proof. But the battle belonged to the Lord and, in his time, he showed his power. He promised to take care of me. Like Matthew chapter 7 tells us, he is the best father who knows how to give good things to his children. Being the best means knowing not just what to give but when to give it. For whatever reason (maybe one I won't know until I meet Jesus face to face) the plan was for me to struggle with my health for years. That wasn't what I had in mind for my life, but God knows best. He took care of me and he has brought me to the other side of a very tumultuous path, the raging river that threatened to carry me under its waters. But God was unfailingly faithful.
As I read on in chapter 7 I was struck by something else. After telling his followers that God knows best and how he will take care of us, he goes on to discuss fruit. No, not apples and oranges - although I do like to believe Jesus ate apples. He told us that we, as Christ's children, are to bear good fruit in our lives - aka evidence of the goodness he just told us about a few minutes ago. We are blessed with an amazing father, and we are to be changed because of that relationship. If nothing in our lives reflects our heavenly father then we should probably do some checking in on the quality of that relationship.
Am I producing good fruit? Does my life reflect the wonderful God I serve, the God who dwells in me, takes care of my every need and guides my life? It is a humbling question to ask oneself. If I want to get honest with myself then I must admit I am falling way short. God wants me to not just be a nice person, he wants me to actually DO THINGS for him to further his kingdom. For each person that means something unique. What does it mean for me? What is it God wants me to be doing for him today?
I know the answer might not be what I expect - I'm used to that by now. It may not be earth shattering. In fact, it probably will be something small; a baby step in fruit production. But that is how fruit starts. A gorgeous local tomato didn't pop out one day as the bright red, beaming beauty we see at the farmer's stand. It started out as a tiny little green ball. It took time, water, love, attention, care and massive amounts of patience to grow it into the delicious vegetable that marks the peak of the summer food season. Even when that tomato was just a baby it was good "fruit", but it wasn't time to pick it yet. It had to be cultivated. That is how it is with us. When we follow Christ we start out as mere infants in need of some serious attention. We get that by being pruned through trials and struggles so that our fruit may increase.
My life has been drastically blessed and I want to produce drastic fruit for the Lord. I want to produce the best of tomatoes. My prayer this morning was for God to show me a way to serve him today - some way to show good fruit. When we ask, he promises to listen and answer his children. I know he heard me and I know he will open doors of opportunity to display wonderful fruits for his glory.

The oven buzzed - preheat complete. Time to start on this mornings cooking adventure.

Baked Egg Goodness (Thank you .... I'm in love with this woman's blog! - no joke, it is an obsession.)

I modified mine slightly by omiting the flour and cream. I used one whole egg and one egg white all in the same ramekin. Baked at 350 for 8 minutes and then broiled for another 4 minutes.

All I have to say is....yum.

Served up with a slice of toast, fresh cut fruit and a hot cup of coffee. What could be better?
Another reminder of God's goodness: he restored my appetite. Hallelujah and praise the Lord! Each bite reminds me how incredibly blessed I am and what a gift I have been given. Appetite restoration is a beautiful thing :)

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