Saturday, April 28, 2012

Conjuction Junction

I'm young so maybe people (::cough cough:: young adult men) have always talked this way, but I'm noticing a lack of English language knowledge in the young male population. It seems that their vocabulary is built around four letter expletives that I wouldn't feel comfortable writing or saying. Let's just say that F and S sounds abound.
Every sentence is littered with these foul words. Sometimes the inclusion of the word renders the whole sentence nonsensical. It is as if a thought cannot be vocalized unless a swear word is included. When did this rule come into being? I get nouns, verbs, adjectives - your basic fundamental principles of grammar. But profanity? I must have missed that day in fourth grade. I remember School House Rock "Conjunction, junction, what's your function?" but fail to remember "foul mouth profanity must be in each uttered sentence."
Maybe my public school upbringing failed me.
Or maybe these new grammar laws are a sign of a moral decay in our society.
I think it is the latter.
I'm about to get deep - you have been warned.
The Bible doesn't mince words, the tongue is one powerful body part. It conveys what is in our heart, it is a window into the condition of our soul. James 3 likens our tongue to fire. Just like a little kindle can grow into a forest fire, the little pink attachment in our mouth can bring forth devestation. It is a direct link to what is inside.
Listening to F-this and F-that isn't pleasant, it is far worse than that. It shows a disregard for Godly living. The Bible clearly tells us to guard our tongue and refrain from profane speech. When I hear young men throwing around the F-bomb as often as I use the word "the" I know what kind of guy I'm dealing with. The kind I typically try to avoid - harsh, I know.
So what do we do about this? Who's job is it to address this problem?
I think School House Rock is over it's head with this one.

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