Friday, April 27, 2012

Bob Vila

You wanna know what I learned today?
Bob Vila could have saved himself a lot of time putting together shelves if he would have shopped at Target.
Let me explain.
Today I was once again shopping for my new apartment. When you start from scratch there is a lot of shopping to be done. Oh, darn! My hunt today was for closet storage. The mental closet picture included a few self-assemble shelving units. Then I got to the store, took one look at those thin boxes of assorted plywood and destroyed the mental image. All I could see was hours spent attempting to screw flimsy front doors on drawers that didn't make it down the assembly line correctly. I saw Philips head and frustration. That is when I decided that life is too short to spend it with one of those boxes.
I resolved to pile my clothing on the floor.
Until I spotted hanging closet organizers. Hallelujah! No assembly required. Open, hook to rod in closet. Place clothing inside. Ta-da. Finished.
For all women who see only horror when they see instructions this is a miraculous invention. I like projects that require as few diagrams as possible. Once you pass two pictures that don't begin to resemble what I'm looking at, you've lost me.
Men might not have this problem. Many men enjoy projects with lots of instructions. I think it makes them feel manly. Whatever does it for you, boys. I'll take the girly approach, thank you very much. That is why I stick instruction manuals in a drawer and only open them when all else fails. Sure, I glance at it for a moment and pretend to be interested pre- self assembly but I'm not really taking anything in. I'm doing my duty. My "read the instruction manual prior to assembly" duty.
I enjoy when things are simple, straight forward and self-explanatory. No sketchy black and white picture required.
So, Bob Vila. Next time you need a place to throw those muddy boots of yours after a hard days work don't break out the tools, just make a stop at Target. They have hanging shelves for that.

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