Thursday, November 17, 2011

First Snow

Today Pippy experienced snow for the first time! This wasn't your typical northern Pa. snow, just some round white balls that only stuck to the ground for approximately five minutes - but to Pippy it was a new wonder to behold. She walked outside and immediately began sniffing the white mystery substance.

Again, Pippy was teaching me. How often do I go through life barely looking up and truly taking in the amazing creation around me?

I was reminded of the first time I got glasses. On the car ride home I noticed something that amazed me - the leaves on the trees. All this time the leaves had been so vivid and beautiful but I hadn't noticed because I couldn't see their detail. Once I had glasses it was like seeing a tree for the very first time. Now, seeing things through Pippy's eyes, I am getting a whole new appreciation for nature and the world around me. I am learning to enjoy the simplicity of the changing leaves of fall and the first snow flurries of the winter. Her curiosity is inspiring and humbling. Pippy is teaching me to soak in the beauty of all that God created. Thank you, little furry teacher!

Exploring the snow pebbles.

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