Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bathroom Break

Pippy doesn't have a large repertoire of commands. To most standard commands Pippy just stops and stares. I have very little to brag about on her obedience training thus far. But can I toot Pippy's horn for just a moment? 
Pippy pees on command. This amazes me to no end! I can't even do this! My dog who won't come when you call and bites ankles for fun can pee when you say "Go pee, Pippy." This is quite an accomplishment. I take the Pipster outside, set her on the ground, give her the magic words and sha-zam! Pippy does her business and the whole ordeal takes less than a minute.
Maybe this is entirely normal for dogs. If it is, please don't tell me. I want to enjoy the appreciation of Pippy's peeing talent for all its worth. I don't want anyone to rain on my parade and tell me that this is typical behavior for a dog of Pippy's age. In my mind, this is the miracle of miracles.
When we come in after the quick trip to the yard for a potty break I give Pippy a ruffling of the fur and lots of praise. Thank you, Pippy - you may not come when I call but you shine when it comes to the bathroom breaks.

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