Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Wheat is evil. 
Dairy is certainly not your friend. 
Gluten shall be a plague upon you. 
See those nightshades? They have come to ravage from within. 
Beware, even raw foods will betray you and chocolate treats will always torture you in the end.

The devil's slithering voice haunts me. In the night He taunts me to confuse my appetite and rob me of rest. As he snickers he unleashes his tummy torment and disquiets the peace in my soul. His lies cause both my stomach and my spirit such great distress. With shackles of nutritional "nos" and dietary "don'ts" satan has chained my joy.
Every intolerance has tightened satan's grip on my serenity. He has used pain to further paralyze my palate and trouble my mind. Captivity in satan's dietary prison has made my stomach his slave. My very appetite his victim.
For too long I have been held in satan's bondage. For too long I have been held hostage by my body's digestive "needs." For far too long I have been kept as a prisoner in the darkness of my body's distress.
But I will not be held captive any longer and refusing to let my enemy has his way with me. I am breaking free and claiming Christ's victory.
It is in the name of God's Words of truth that my chains are broken. It is by my Lord's victory that triumph rains, declaring that my days of slavery have ended Jesus has come and released me from my bondage. Once and for all, He rose to set set this death bound captive eternally free.
Delivered from darkness and released into the light I am free to be healed. Free to be restored and renewed. Free to be strengthened and empowered.
Hallelujah Jesus reigns as victor and eternal King! 
My Lord has won my victory and made me truly, everlastingly, free!

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