Friday, December 2, 2016

Everywhere I look I see clutter. Even Christmas decorations are overwhelming me. The "stuff" of this life is just getting to be too much. The gifting stuff that comes wrapped in ribbons and bows. The shopping stuff full of isles of glitter and shiny packaging. The buying, spending, browsing stuff. The decorative, nic-nak, cutsie stuff. Stuff, stuff, stuff. There is just way too much stuff!
I want simple.
Today as I opened up crammed boxes of Christmas decorations I hit my "stuff" max. Enough finally became enough. After de-cluttering every surface in my bedroom and dusting hidden nooks and crannies I realized I didn't want to unpack all of my Christmas decorations. I didn't want to refill the space with fourteen nutcrackers and an array of woodland creature ornaments. I didn't even want to put up a little tree adorned with strings of cranberries and popcorn. I wanted simple.
As I stood frozen in the middle of my bedroom surrounded by all the stuff I had accumulated over my twenty six years of life my eyes fell on a framed quote leaning on my dresser. "Live simple. Give more. Expect less." That quote had been staring me in the face for years and yet I never took note of its message. With all of the other nik-nacs surrounding my space, vying for my attention I rarely ever took a moment to look at it, let alone reflect on its message. But now I saw the sign and its words hit me square between the eyes.
I want the message of that simple sign to be my motto for a simple life. I want less stuff and more simple. I want less getting and more giving. I want less expecting and more existing.
The trouble with stuff is that it is distracting. When all the focus is put on accumulating and adding to an already overflowing abundance there is no time and energy left for truly living. Stuff won't allow it. The more stuff the more time taking care of the stuff, cleaning the stuff, organizing the stuff and buying more of the stuff. There is less time to give priceless treasures from the heart and serve with hands holding only the invaluable gift of love. Physical stuff holds us back. I know it has held me back. I have been shackled by my stuff.
So today I begin my quest to de-stuff. Less will be more. Giving will be better than getting. I'm going clear and uncluttered. I'm embracing the simplicity of a life focused on that which is intangible. I'm going to make my life about more than the physical stuff I fill it with. I'm determining right here, right now, to turn my gaze on that which cannot be bought or returned. I'm making my life about living simply and simply living for Christ.

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