Saturday, February 27, 2016

Quality time

Early in the morning I sat down behind my computer screen eager to write; hungry to receive a word from God tailor made for print. I was so eager, in fact, that I skipped right over my morning journaling. After rushing through Bible readings I turned with hurried enthusiasm to my laptop and positioned my fingers above its keys.
"Alright, God, I'm ready! Give me a good word," I thought to myself.
Then came...nothing. My mind went absolutely blank. Inspiration didn't strike. My fingers didn't have reason to hit a single key.
With each passing minute that ticked by the empty page became more frustrating, as if its blank canvas were taunting me. I wanted so desperately to write something of meaning and significance gifted from the mind of God straight into the vessel of my readied hands. Why wasn't He delivering a message?
With a frustrating case of writer's block I took to the shower, the place where the very best spiritual and inspirational encounters have been known to occur. Sure enough, the soap suds and hot water were accompanied by a humbling revelation: God wasn't withholding anything good and meaningful from me. The aggravating writer's block was all of my own making. In my hurry to receive an anecdote worthy of a book deal I had overlooked the quiet, intimate, private devotional God wanted to share with me - just me. In my haste I had neglected to spend time with my first love and most faithful companion.
Thankfully, it is never too late to turn back to God and enjoy the rest peace of His presence. Although I had thoughtlessly pushed God aside, He was patiently waiting for me to join Him over a cup of coffee and well-worn Bible. Awaiting my arrival at the kitchen counter to spend quality time in the sweet solitude of His presence.
God used writer's block to remind me to dwell at the foot of His cross, free from distraction, wholeheartedly engaged.
To be a servant of the King God must first have my soul's surrender. To entrust me with the responsibility of a soldier in His army He has to have my undivided attention.
If I put Christ first and let Him nurture me with His presence He will fill me with His words, in His  perfect time. But first He simply longs to spend intimate, quality, blessed time with me in His Holy presence.

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