Saturday, February 20, 2016

New Job

I have exciting news.
I've been offered a new, high-level position. 
I know, you're excited, aren't you? I'm sure you're jumping out of your skin, thrilled at my good fortune. What could this new position be, you may be wondering? I'm an ambassador. 
And no, I am not filling the Cuban embassy vacancy. Nor am I being sent to Dublin, Ireland or Paris, France. Or better yet, the Cayman Islands. The ambassador position I will be filling doesn't require a move. In fact, I don't even have to travel for training.
I've been appointed an ambassador for Christ. 
Don't sight as if I led you on. This is a serious position. Actually, it is of more importance than any foreign assignment I could ever hope to receive. I'm working for an embassy that can't be taken down with bombs or enemy schemes. This embassy won't close due to a change in foreign relations or political climate. Can you say, "job security?" As long as I keep showing up, I'm in business. Or, should I say, God is in business and I am at work: constant, satisfying, fulfilling, meaningful work. 
To be honest, this position isn't new. At least the offer isn't new. The position of being an ambassador for Christ has been on the table for..well..ever. God has been offering me the opportunity of a lifetime to be His representative but I haven't been willing to take the plunge - at least not entirely. I've wanted the job on a part-time basis but that wasn't part of the offer. This is a full-time position. Take it or leave it. Be for God all of the time or go find work elsewhere. 
So I tried the work elsewhere option. I've tried more little start-up businesses then I can count. The vast array of VistaPrint business cards taking up valuable drawer space in my desk is proof. But they've all failed. Every single one. The cards will, I assume, make for good kindling to burn the dreams of fizzled entrepreneurship ventures. 
After this last round of no-go business start-ups I decided to turn back to that original offer. Full-time ambassador for Christ. I looked over the pay: none. I looked at the benefits: none. I considered the hours: full-time, plus over-time, plus always on-call. But then I looked at the reward: heaven, fulfillment, joy, peace, grace and, last but certainly not least, the world's best boss. 
I am ashamed to say that it took an embarrassingly low bank account and overwhelming failure to finally convince me to accept God's offer. I held on for too long to the idea that I had to be a financial success to be of value to this world. All the while God's been telling me otherwise. He isn't concerned with how the world classifies success and worth. Working for an earthly kingdom will pay in dollars and cents for the here and now but it won't amount to a hill of beans in the end. 
On the other hand, the job God has for me is of eternal value. When this life ends the work I put forth will reveal itself with the precious souls who are in heaven. God will use my ambassadorship to deliver His message and from there Christ will transform lives. As I commit my work to the Lord each day He will direct my steps, plot my points and give me tasks that bring Him glory and make His name great. 


  1. You are such an inspiration to all of us!! Keep living out your faith and inspiring others!! You are loved beyond measure!!

  2. Kyle, thank you so much for your kindness and support. You've made my day!