Sunday, June 28, 2015


Back in the days of Genesis, Noah exited his ark after a forty day flood to see a remarkable sign in the sky: a rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet were painted in the sky as a promise to Noah, to you and I, that God would never again destroy the earth in that way again. As is apparent by the existence of the earth, God has been true to His word.
Color is a common theme throughout the Bible. Blue is named over fifty times, often associated with royalty and riches. Crimson is usually referencing sin. Moses was instructed to use scarlet and purple in the construction of the tabernacle and its detailed adornments. As is true with all things created by God, colors were not created by accident. They each have meaning and a message.
Sadly, the holy beauty of color has been distorted by Godless men. The rainbow, a beautiful symbol of a covenant made by God and kept by God, has been turned into a symbol of man's corruption of love and marriage. Parades fly rainbow colored flags celebrating homosexual relations and love for the same gender - far from the original meaning and symbolism associated with the rainbow painted in the sky for Noah. The rainbow flag waved by man has come to mean nature, healing, spirit, sex and harmony. Seven colors originally associated with God's grace, mercy and love have been twisted to mean whatever man can think up. But one color remains separate, untouched and uncorrupted by man.
The color white stands pure and holy in a world that has lost sight of God, pushed Him out of their lives and completely rebelled against His commands. But the redemption and sanctification of white still pierces through the sin. God is still alive, showering His children with mercy just like He did for Noah and his family.
In Revelations white is used a number of times pointing towards the promise of Jesus' return. Our Lord and Savior is coming back and He's coming with power, strength and glory. For all the attempts of this world to shut-up the Almighty God, He will not be silenced. At the appointed time He will come again.
The date of Jesus' return is not for you or I to know. God has purposely kept the hour of His coming a secret, a mystery to every man. But He has given us the promise of His return and the color white as a reminder that the Savior of the world is set to make a grand re-entrance to claim His own and set right all that has gone wrong.
When you and I look at the rainbow, the messages we receive will undoubtedly be mixed thanks to a culture that embraces sin and mocks God. But we have a color that won't be in that rainbow; a color that outshines the brightest, boldest of flags. We have white. We have eternal salvation. We have a King in Heaven who is watching over us, protecting us and preparing to come again. We have a Prince of Peace and He's coming in robes of pure white.

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