Friday, June 26, 2015

King of Kings

The past two days have been sad ones for America. The Supreme Court has handed down two major rulings confirming the overwhelming suspicion that many Christians have had about the direction of our country. This nation founded on Christian principles has completely abandoned the truth and authority of God. The very bedrock of our country's establishment has been crushed by the heavy weight of evil and corruption. Sin has entered in and launched an all out assault on all things Godly, Biblical and Christian.
With the ruling of the healthcare law the nation was handed a blow to freedom. The government just grabbed more of our independence, forcing individuals to pay for abortions and medical intervention that they don't believe in nor want to take part in. But now, with this ruling, we answer to the state - a state that is attempting with every law to take the place of God in the lives of individuals.
And then today marriage was formally, legally ripped apart. This day has been building and few court watchers believed the ruling would go any other way, but the reality of the verdict has made it all too real. The God ordained covenant between a man and woman joined together by God for the purpose of honoring Him, procreating and protecting one another, was trampled. The institution of marriage has officially been hijacked by man and turned into a human experiment as disposable as a lease agreement. But marriage has nothing to do with the laws of man. It was created by God, ordained by God and established by God. Marriage isn't a route to tax cuts or a convenience for housing arrangements. Marriage is God's design for the continuation of mankind. Man and woman are to become one to be fruitful and multiple. Men are to love their wives like Christ loves the church, protecting them as the physically weaker of the partnership. And women have the role of being supportive, submissive counterparts to their husbands. Marriage isn't a human invention that can be tweaked by nine robed sinners. Marriage is God's and, even in light of today's ruling, is still God's.
Christians have been dealt a serious blow by the verdicts of the past two days but none of this is to surprise or concern us. What we stand for, the Bible and the truth of Jesus Christ, is not of this world. This world is one of sin but those who are born of the Spirit have died to sin and are aliens in this world. Jesus said in John 17:14 says, "I have given them your word and the world has hated them, for they are not of the world any more than I am of the world." Truth has been attacked ever since Eve took a bite of the apple because truth threatens Satan and Satan doesn't sit back and relax when threatened. He fights back. And today he was in full-on battle mode. 
The dissolving of Christian principles hasn't happened overnight in America, it happened slowly and steadily. The rationalizing of sin has turned into the celebrating and legalizing of sin. And still there are those of us who cry out, "Abba! Father!" 
To those who weep with me for the future of our country and the lost souls of its citizens I encourage you to take heart; don't despair. God is not done yet. 
"And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death." (Revelations 12:11). This is not the hour for us to back down or give up our beliefs under the pressure of an ever demoralized culture. This is the hour we were made for. Stand up, put on the full armor of God and be strong in His might. Do not fear or shrink back. Speak the truth of the Gospel with love and authority because our land is perishing and hearts are in desperate need of redemption, rebirth and restoration. 
The world will hate to hear the truth but, despite the laws on the record books or the opinions of politicians, truth will reign. God will stand at the end of this age as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. SCOTUS may have a say in the agenda of this land and this nation but those nine lawyers have nothing on God. In the end God will show His mighty rule and He will forever reign. 

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