Thursday, January 23, 2014

Growing good things

Attention all single ladies! I have amazing news for all the women of the world who have searched in vain for Mr. Right! The search is over! There is finally a sure way to find a man, and it won't take years of searching or an online account.
Does it sound too good to be true? Have you spent years yearning for the love of a male companion? Have you daydreamed of how you will meet him and what your life together will look like?
Well, dream no more. A husband can be your reality thanks to "Grow Your Own New Husband"!
Yes, you read correctly, you can grow your own husband! The package says so... and all you have to do is add water or, as the label notes, beer! You can't mess this up, just buy the little figurine for a bargain price of $5.99, submerge in water and, voila! You have a new husband!
But wait, the best is yet to come. This husband comes with guarantees!
"He won't get fat." Score….
"He loves 'chick flicks'." Perfect. ...
"He keeps his opinions to himself." Even more perfect….
"He doesn't have any baggage." Good to know….
"He'll never ask you how much you spent on that new pair of shoes." Match made in heaven….
And don't forget, "He doesn't leave the toilet seat up." Can you say dreamboat?
So you see ladies, all of your years of waiting are no more. Your made-to-order man is only a purchase away! He can be all yours. All you need to do is add water.

Wouldn't it be grand if life worked that way? Wouldn't it be lovely if getting our heart's desires was as simple as just adding water?
But alas, we know all too well that life is never this simple. Circumstances arise that we never ordered. We add water and our prized possession gets ruined, not more plentiful.
We all want good things, a pleasant life, a smooth journey. Is that so much to ask? Can't we put in our order? Can't we just get the right kit, add some water, and have our dreams take shape?
"The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing." (Psalm 34:10). 
In our made-to-order world sometimes we forget that the best things in life are not things at all - not even people. But the best thing is knowing the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior and King. There is no good apart from Him. There are no blessings, relationships, possessions or circumstances that can ever compare to knowing Him. As the simple chorus says, "Knowing you, Jesus, knowing you, there is no greater thing." It is a simple sentiment but it is fundamental to how we, as Christians, live our lives. 
There will always be temptation to want things and people to fill the void only God can fill. We will want to grasp at everything visible and tangible to satisfy our souls. We will try every trick in the book to force the desires of our heart to become our reality. All of these methods will prove inferior. There is no figurine we can purchase, no husband we can marry or pleasure on this earth that can fill the God sized void in our hearts. He alone can make us whole. 
Whether you find yourself single, married, divorced, lonely or in good company, the temptation will always exist: grasp something in this world to satisfy the longings of the heart. Don't fall into this devastating trap. Only God can truly satisfy. He alone can give good things. When you long for Him and fill yourself with more of Him you can be single or married forever, it won't matter, because your soul is satisfied and filled with God, not with an earthly relationship.
Dear single sister (or brother), don't waste your money on an expandable, purchasable husband (or wife). You'd be better served buying a latte instead. And then, sit there with your latte and open up your Bible and get to know the one who can satisfy your soul with good things: love, mercy, grace, kindness, goodness. He will pour out to you blessings far beyond anything money can buy. And in time, who knows, He might bless you with a living, breathing companion who won't require water to  grow. In time, He just might bring about a person who will be perfect for you because God himself will do the picking and the growing of your Mr. (or Mrs.) Right.

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