Thursday, January 16, 2014

Attack of the head cold

Looking out the window into the sunshine it would be easy to miss the chilling temperatures that have settled on southern Florida - that is until you step outside. Once you venture out the door there is no denying it, the air is crisp. The sunshine is deceiving. But step outside and reality is inescapable.
This "deep freeze" for the south has put a bit of a damper on my trip out of the frozen tundra of Northern Pennsylvania. I expected to come back home sporting a golden glow but instead I'll be bringing back a vicious head cold and pasty complexion.
That's right, instead of days enjoying the sun, I have been blowing through rolls of Viva paper-towels, rubbing the end of my nose dry. Not exactly the vacation I anticipated. Today has been particularly disappointing. Not only are the tempeartures hovering around 55 degrees, but my cold has gone into overdrive. To match the sniffles I also have sneezing. It feels like my head has grown in size. You may not be able to tell, but trust me, I can.
This cold is taking its toll. Usually you can't keep me in bed past 6:30 AM, and I never take naps; but today my bed is looking awfully comfortable and a pillow sounds divine. Still, I haven't given into the temptation of laying down and giving into the grip of the virus. I have determined to treat this virus like I do any attack from the outside: stomp it out, crush it under my feet.
So I'm running.
Maybe my logic sounds a bit goofy but I see beating this virus much the same as I see beating satan. He wants me to lay down and give in to the missiles, slings and arrows he has in his arsenal. He loves to send them my way. I'm the opposition.  It is his mission to take down the army of God. Therefore I am in his cross-hairs.
When he attacks I have two options: fight in the power of God, bearing the armor of God, in the name of God. Or lay down, cover my head, and hope to survive the pummeling.
This silly little head cold has provided me with the same dilemma and the same options. Do I stand up and fight it? Or do I lay down and give in?
God has brought me too far, loved me too much and is too powerful for me to simply give in to difficulty. So I will put on my armor and head into battle. Today that battle was a run. The motivation to lace up my shoes was lacking to say the very least. The wind was against me for the first half of the journey and my nose was running like a very leaky faucet. But God was empowering me to continue on in the good fight. Running, not for me, but for Him - an act of proclaiming His victory over satan and even a simple head cold.
Tomorrow the enemy may attack using a different weapon, utilizing a different strategy, but my defense will be the same. I will put on the armor of God. He may have me pick up the Bible and speak the words of truth to the enemy. He may have me run distances my legs have never before carried me. No matter how He calls me forth I will be ready to go into battle with Him, knowing that this is not my fight but it is His and it is already won.
The enemy is no match for the all-powerful God. He has already overcome every evil scheme satan has devised or ever will devise. When we are faced with an attack we do not need to cower in fear, wondering whether or not we can withstand the storm. The victory is won. The outcome of the battle is assured. Therefore we can lace up our shoes, put on our armor and face the enemy with utter confidence that we are on the winning team -  God's team.
So, beloved, beat out that head cold or any other attack you may come under. Enlist in God's army and put on the armor. Fight in His name, with His power and for His glory. You will be victorious because He has already won the battle.

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