Friday, December 6, 2013

The ONE who holds my times

I have become completely convinced that the National Weather Service has little to no idea of the true trajectory of storms and weather systems. They warn us and put the fear into travelers. They put the news stations on high alert for impending gloom and doom.
But then the storm hits and the world doesn't end. Sometimes rains don't even fall. Here in Northern Pennsylvania we seem to be under the constant threat of monster storms only to be dodged time and time again. I am losing my faith in the predictions of meteorologists. I don't think they really know as much about the patterns of the weather as they'd care to admit.
It makes me wonder about my own life. There are storms coming that I don't know about. There are clear days that I want to be able to predict but simply cannnot. I must plead ignorance to the future, knowing that what is to come could be impacted by a host of forces outside of my control. I can't give a ten day forecast for my future. I can't even give a forty-eight hour forecast!
Quite frankly, my times are not in my hands just like the weather is not in the hands of the Weather Channel anchor. I can spend my days wondering and fretting about what might lay ahead but I don't have a crystal ball. Even my greatest predictions, based on sound evidence, could be entirely off base. I could see a storm on my radar screen only to be missed by it entirely. Or I could miss the clouds above and get hit with a downpour that catches me off guard.
My times are not in my hands.
My times are in HIS hands.
The future isn't mine to know. Worries, anxieties, concerns, trials…they aren't in my hands. But they are safe and secure in the hands of my Savior. My times are not teetering on the edge of some cliff, swaying with the winds, constantly in danger of falling off all together. God holds my life, my circumstances, my uncertainties, my times in the palm of His hands.
When I try to put my faith in my own faulty predictions, relying on my human alert and warning system, I come up more frustrated every time. But when I put my faith and trust in God, knowing that the things I can't see and don't understand are all safe with Him, I find peace and reassurance even in the midst of storm clouds.
The times to come are not mine to see or know. They are God's. He has plotted out a path for me. He sees the patterns that lie ahead that will influence my life and shape my circumstances. He has my times in His hands. That is enough for me know.

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