Thursday, December 19, 2013

A sure foundation

When you get outside of LA, California is known for its scenic landscapes and natural beauty. The Pacific Highway is famous for the views of the ocean that run right into the foot of mountains. The state is dotted with valleys, mountains and rolling hills.
California is also known for the fires that ravage communities and destroy lives.
One such fire hit the community of Summit in 2008. This small community was dotted with mini-mansions that had been built by new comers to the area who had migrated out of Santa Cruz for a more leisurely pace of life. But one man didn't fit that description.
Hugo Zazzara had been in the community for nearly thirty years and wasn't living in a mini-mansion. His home was a replica of the old Chart House, a victorian style building in Los Gatos. He fell in love with the architecture of that particular house and set his mind to building it for himself. So that is precisely what he did. With his own two hands, complete with his great-grandfather's stained glass windows and self-milled redwood roof, he rebuilt that famous structure.
This home was more than a dream, it was a labor of love. He worked hard as a welder and furniture commissioner to pay for every cent of it without ever taking out a loan. He built it to stand against earthquakes. But when the fire came rolling through Summit the house didn't stand a chance.
Hugo ran back to the house to try to save it despite his son's pleading with him not to go. His son knew the dangers and the hopelessness of the situation. But he couldn't stop his father. Hugo had given his heart and soul into his home. Time, effort, money, dedication…it all was poured out to make his dream a reality. He had used the best materials, even family heirlooms, to make the house a masterpiece. He wouldn't let it go down without a fight.
Hugo's son Nathan didn't know if his father would survive. Would he stay with the house till the bitter end? As he waited with the rest of the displaced who had suffered the loss of their homes in the fire, he feared for his father's safety. Finally, he saw him approaching. The roof of the house had caught fire and the whole structure had been destroyed. His father had finally left the property, later crying for the first time in front of his son. His dream had gone up in flames in front of his very eyes. He had given everything for it. And then, in an instant it was gone.

We all get the chance to built our home - our physical home, this body that we inhabit. We can choose to build it up with the things of this world, putting our effort, love and soul into the that which won't last. We can fill ourselves with the temporal and earthly, hoping to satisfy our deepest desires.
Or we can build our lives on the rock of Christ.
Building your home with the things of this earth will always lead to disappointment. As beautiful as they may seem they simply won't last. Fire can destroy them, flood can ravage them and moth can eat away at even the finest of garments. The attributes of this world won't stand the test of time. They won't truly satisfy. They might look good but in the end they are nothing more than a facade, cheap materials used to build a house that can be blown over at the slightest gust of wind.
But a house build on the rock of Christ will never be destroyed. Winds, rain, fire and even that pesky moth can all try to destroy it but the person who sets their foundation on God's truth will not be defeated because God will always reign victorious.
There is no greater foundation and no greater home built then the one built on Jesus Christ. Your home rooted in His foundation will be better than any dream home you can ever imagine and it will never be destroyed.

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