Monday, November 11, 2013


You have two options when you live out your faith. You can keep it to yourself and speak in hushed tones. Or you can be bold.
Dear reader, be bold.
Don't keep your faith close to your chest. Don't hide it under your jacket, keeping it out of sight and out of mind. Don't let the world's noise drown out the gospel's message. Don't let the distractions that threaten the furthering of truth get in the way of proclaiming the good news.
Speak life to a world in desperate need. Speak boldly. Speak frequently. Speak lovingly. Speak with compassion and with conviction.
When you walk the straight and narrow with God there will be times when the world will want you to be quiet. The message you have is not one they want to hear. But God is calling you to share it anyways. He is calling you to bold faith. He is commanding you to put your light on a stand and let it shine before men. Don't cover it up. Don't allow wind to blow it out. Hold your light up high.
No matter what station in life you find yourself in today there is one thing that I can guarantee God desires of you: boldness. Boldly walk forward in faith. Boldly proclaim the love of Jesus. Boldly hold fast to the promises of God.
Don't be wishy-washy. Don't paint your faith in soft, muted colors or cool pastels. Grab the brush that paints a vivid picture. Break out the brightest of colors. The furthering of the salvation of Jesus Christ is worthy of bold action. In fact, there is nothing more worthy. He is the most precious of gifts and His salvation is the greatest truth we can share. There is no greater message to spread. So do it boldly.
As you go forward with your day, encountering friends, family and total strangers, do so with the boldness of Christ. Call on His name and ask Him to bolster your spirits, making you a vessel of His love. He is faithful and He will deliver. He will fill you with abundant boldness. He will turn your life into a vivid picture of His power and might.
God wants to use you as His hands and feet. He can only do this if we are willing to be bold for Him. Are you ready to go on this great adventure with God, proclaiming His name in every circumstance and surrounding? Are you ready to become a living, breathing vessel for Christ that speaks His name boldly and triumphantly? He wants your testimony, your voice and He wants your boldness.

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