Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Extreme makeover: your life edition

You have been selected for the opportunity to receive an extreme makeover! That's right! You will get completely transformed from head to toe by a professional Transformation Specialist. By the end of the journey you will shock and awe your friends and colleagues. Old acquaintances will barely even recognize you! There is no doubt you will be turning heads after your makeover is completed.
Now before you get to excited I do need to inform you of the rules of this endeavor. There are just a few things you should be aware of before you agree to join in this exciting journey....

1) You will not have any say in what the Transformation Specialist will do. The changes are not your decision. This transformation is going to be done by a pro, not you. Whatever He says goes. Fair enough?
2) Oh, and another important thing to note, there is no guarantee on the amount of time this will take. This is a TOTAL transformation! It may be quite time consuming. But you want the best results, don't you? That might take longer than you'd like but it will be worth it, that I can promise. Still on board?
Okay, good. Because there is another thing.
3) You might have to be separated from your current social circle, work, family and maybe even the comforts of home. You understand, don't you? They will have to keep on living their lives while you are swept away to participate in the transformation. This makeover is specially designed for you. Their offer will be different or at some other time, suited perfectly to them. But this time around the makeover has your name on it. Is that alright with you?
4) Another thing you should probably won't know what's coming next. I can't tell you the exact steps that will take place or their precise order. That will be part of the surprise.
5) And just one last thing. I can't promise you that this will always be fun. In fact sometimes you might wish you had never signed on the dotted line in the first place. But I guarantee that what you will see in the mirror at the end will make every ounce of pain you felt abundantly worth it. Every difficult day will be looked back on as insignificant in light of the magnitude of the makeover. Don't expect every day to be a walk in the park - this isn't a day at the spa. It is much more intense and much more gratifying in the end. This transformation is total, complete and all-encompassing. The process to get there will be taxing at times but worth every milli-second, every hardship and every moment of discomfort.

So, how about it? Are you ready to come on board? Because the makeover can't start until you are 100%, completely, unconditionally sold out to the process. You can't be half way in. You can't leave one foot in your old life and tip your toes into this one. A total, extreme transformation requires total commitment. It is as easy as saying yes and surrendering to your Transformation Specialist.

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