Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Things I deemed worth noting

Five things worth, or maybe not worth noting - that is probably a matter of opinion.

1. Today I noticed "Benjamin Franklin - the punctual plumber". The company came to the plumbing rescue decked out in a van with Ben Franklin's head on the side. Who knew that Mr. Franklin was known to be punctual? This got me thinking: how do companies come up with their names? How do they decide that the name they choose is going to somehow further the sales and success of their business, product or service? Round of applause to the Benjamin Franklin plumbers. I may be confused by their choice of name but if I ever need a plumber you can bet I'll be looking into them on google reviews. Mission accomplished, Ben.

2. Everyone has their own unique and distinct running style. Maybe you have noticed the wide array of running styles that abound on sidewalks, treadmills and street (ugh - use a sidewalk buddy). If you haven't previously noticed this phenomenon then take a minute and picture runners. They all look different in your mind, don't they? Some twirl their arms in little circles, keeping pace with their striding legs. Others appear to be gliding. Still others look pained and fatigued, as if they might keel before their heel meets the pavement once again. No two runners are the same. Kind of like people. No two individuals are the same. Maybe these two principles are somehow linked? Someone should study this theory. Not me in particular, but someone.

3. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. What one person cherishes will be deemed worthy of demolishing by another. Just watch HGTV for proof. One person sells a home to move across the country for work, leaving behind the home they have made their own and loved. The next owner comes in and tears off the wallpaper, knocks out the kitchen cabinets and paints the dining room bright, flaming red. They couldn't wait to change what had once been loved and carefully selected. To them, it was simply dreadful. To the one who loved it and created the design it was truly beautiful.

4. Every woman needs a little black dress and every man needs a bow tie. These are wardrobe essentials. Don't question me, just go to Macy's.

5. You can't expect to meet friendly faces when you wear a sour expression with a downward cast glance. If you want to find friendliness, you need to give it. If you want to make a friend you need to be ready to be a friend. If you want to meet people you have to take the ear buds out and look people in the eye, and smile. You have to get out of your comfort zone and off the couch. The world is full of friendly people, are you one of them?

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