Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Every Morning

I'm human. I want answers and I want them now. Actually I wanted them five minutes ago. But I'll take them now. Better late than never.
Life is a constant, ever present reminder that you don't get your answers on your timetable and you don't always get your way.
There is a girl that lives in Maryland who has suffered her entire life with the torment of not knowing. She is sixteen but she has never aged passed eleven months. Yes, that's right, she has the development of a toddler and the size to match. She has two older sisters and one younger who are completely normal. And there, stuck in the middle, is a girl who looks like a baby with the birth certificate to prove she is actually a teen.
Of course it goes without saying that her life has been drastically different from your average teenager. She'll never drive a car. She'll never go to school so she is never going graduate, get a job or move into her own home. She'll never even use a toilet. She is stuck. A prisoner of her own body.
I can't even imagine the emotional and physical toll this has taken on her parents. They have been strong and supportive, never wavering in their dedication to making their daughter's life as full as possible given her limitations. They have remained committed to each other when so many couples split under far less pressure. They have turned their lives upside down to make sure that their disabled daughter has the best life possible.
They have done all of this living in complete darkness as to the cause, explanation and future of their daughters condition. Doctors have never been able to pinpoint why this abnormality came about in the first place or the course it will take as she ages. Each day is a mystery. At the age of four the young girl began suffering from illness after illness. She was hospitalized for pneumonia a number of times and it was clear that there had been a shift in her condition. Not only was she not growing and developing but she was becoming sick far too often. Since then their journey has been up and down, every day a surprise and a massive question-mark.
How do you live life with such uncertainty for sixteen years? This family doesn't have a clue what tomorrow will bring. Will their daughter and sister suffer seizures, illness, blindness, or slip into a coma? No one knows and no one can make a prediction with any confidence in their accuracy.

When life seems to be too difficult to bear and the questions that surround the future weigh heavily, there is hope in the here and now. There is hope in knowing that you have today.
For this family that is enough. They have this moment. Tomorrow is a mystery and only God knows what it will hold. It isn't for us to know. Even when Jesus was on earth he didn't reveal himself all at once to his disciples. There were times they were confused by his wording and his language. There were times when they weren't meant to understand - they needed to trust.
That is all God is asking us each and every morning. Don't strive to understand. Don't attempt to plot out or predict the future. Just take today and use it. Don't waste a single moment. Because you may not have another.

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