Monday, November 7, 2016

A letter to Americans

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon as I sat on the park bench looking at the world around me. There off in the distance I saw a man being attacked by a thief. The robber came and beat him. I watched, motionless, paralyzed to act. I looked upon the scene in dismay and yet I didn’t make a move.
My friend on the bench beside me watched, too. We did our best to ignore the horror taking place just steps away. We looked away, chatted casually and pretended the assault wasn’t happening. But it was happening. The bloody sidewalk stains were proof of robbed innocence and injustice run rampant. Where were the police? Where was this man’s protection? Surely two women shouldn’t be charged with breaking up a fight.
Or should they?
Friends, can you imagine if that story were true? Can you imagine standing by and watching innocent life being taken while staring blankly, doing nothing?
I am here to tell you that the scene I have just described is taking place on park benches and church pews all over America. There is an attack under way and it is on the most innocent, vulnerable among us. Helpless babies. The vicious assault of abortion is robbing the heart beats of precious children still resting in the womb. The brutality of a beating is underway in doctor’s offices and clinics across this nation.
We can look away. We can say that we alone cannot step in and stop a problem so overwhelming. We can chat casually with our friends to drown out the sound of silent pleas for help. Yet the beating continues. Innocent, vulnerable, precious babies are still dying needlessly on the operating table in the name of “choice.” What kind of choice is this? That poor child doesn’t even have the choice to fight back.
So we must fight for them
This Tuesday we can confront the brutal scene before us at the ballot box. We can intervene on behalf of the innocent and send the attacker into retreat. We have that power with a vote. We have a responsibility to defend the helpless. With the gift of life we were given the blessing of choice - the choice to fight, to protect and to refuse to back down.
So this Tuesday don’t sit on the bench. Stand up and protect the vulnerable. Step in and defend the weak. Say “enough” to the brutal beating robbing the innocent of their choice to live and fight. Refuse to let evil have the last word. Vote for life.

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