Saturday, August 6, 2016

The buyer's agent

"Listers last." At least that's what they say in the real estate industry - whoever "they" are anyways. The idea is that the agent with the most name on yard rider will win the day. Riders in real estate are the equivalent to the lights of Hollywood. Every actor wants their name in those lights. Every agent wants their name on that "for sale" yard sign.
Every real estate market has their popular sign rider names and companies. Certain brokers have established a corner on a certain neighborhood or region and their signs can be as common as named street signs. But it is the name on the sign rider that really matters. That is the coveted spot.
The name on the sign rider conveys knowledge, trust and excellence, especially for certain properties. The top dollar, million dollar listings are the creme-dela-creme for real estate agents. The commission is sweet and the sign exposure can catapult the career of an unknown agent into the territory of home-selling superstar seemingly overnight. It's all in the sign and the name on the rider.
But in the world of real estate there is another kind of agent whose name isn't on any signs. That agent is known as "a buyer's agent." This kind of agent doesn't have their picture in the newspaper next to pictures of hot properties for sale and you won't see their name in anyone's yard. A buyer's agent works behind the scenes.
A buyer's agent's job begins with someone else's dream. A client with hopes and wishes for a house they can call home comes to the agent for help. There is no sign on the buyer's agent. They have to be sought after and searched for but when they are found they are an advocate and champion for the buyer. The agent takes up the cause of the buyer and negotiates on their behalf, hunts the market on their behalf and won't rest until that house hunter has had their "ah-ha" home sweet home moment. The buyer's agents job is to make the signs of the lister's come down without anyone knowing who helped make the "for sale" go to "sold."
When I decided to join the world of real estate I was immediately drawn to the work of the buyer's agent. The behind the scenes, stealth like agent intrigued me. The thrill of the hunt appealed to me. I knew I wanted to be a buyer's agent.
Despite the old adage that lister's last, I've taken my chances on being a buyer's agent instead and I'm confident I'll still last because I have a Mentor who has already perfected the business of working from behind the scenes. And His business has lasted longer than any lister's and has outshined every name in lights.
God is the ultimate buyer's agent. He works behind the scenes on behalf of His children like the real estate agent works for clients. His name isn't predominantly displayed on every transaction yet His hand is diligently at work in every market.
God doesn't actively solicit His services. Like a home buyer must seek an agent, the children of God seek Christ. He is there, in business and ready to serve but He cannot force Himself on the clientele He loves and longs to work with. They must see their need for an advocate, a guide and a help mate and then reach out to Him.
Christ has the license to save, redeem and restore and now He wants clients. He wants you and I to sign the notice that says, "I believe in your sacrifice and put my faith in your redemption. I am putting my life in your hands." There won't be a big sign to announce the transaction. God's name won't suddenly be hung on your chest. The presence of God will come more like a buyer's agent. The work will happen behind the scenes. The transaction of a transformation will happen quietly without a sign rider or newspaper announcement. But it will happen as surely as a deed transfers from one owner to another. God will take ownership and Christ will reign.
I want to be a buyer's agent because I want to follow in the footsteps of Christ. I want to work behind the scenes for the betterment of my client. I don't want to work for a listing or for a false security of lasting in this line of work. I want to work because I want to serve. I want to be a buyer's agent because I know a tested, proven and infallible formula for success that has been perfected by Christ and put on display in His Spirit. God has taught me how to do business and He's showing me how to be the ultimate buyer's agent.

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