Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A little step forward

You may not always get the next ten steps all plotted out for you, laid out in a nice little row with color-coded arrows. More often than not the steps come one at a time and the arrows aren't bright and flashy. And you want to know what I'm finding out about those arrows? They are enough. Taking just one step in the right direction is enough. We don't need to leap. We don't need to run. We don't need to cover lots of ground in little time. We just need to take each obedient step forward that God shows us, as He shows, when HE wants to show us. I know as well as anyone that His time table will not look like ours. We might take one step and wait quite some time before we see the next arrow. Sometimes we wait longer than we need to because we are looking for a series of red, flashing arrows when all the while a little one painted in black and white is right in front of us all the while. It might not have been what we were anticipating, expecting or hoping for but it is what God has given us. So take the step, even if it is just one. Go on God's timing, at His pace, in His direction. He will bless that obedience. Your faithfulness and trust will not return void. Your obedience will never be for nothing. God has a plan and a purpose for every step of obedience He has for us to take. So take it. Own it. Love it. Embrace it. This is a step made for you, plotted out for you, specifically designed for your foot to land on. Don't miss the blessing in the smallest steps. Because God hasn't overlooked you. On the contrary, He has so detailed out your every moment that He even crafted little steps. What is your next step going to be? Get excited. Because I know it is going to be good.

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